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These recordings you can download for now I need to make episode 12-17 available. I believe these are all of the recordings not including what you can find already on the main site.

So enjoy download them all make sure you get the love. Repeat the cast if it makes you feel good. 🙂

Latest downloads of Phantom & Shady

These recordings found on shall be here: Just click them and download one by one…

If exclusive content not found on AG, it will be found here FREE as always. Blessings to all.

Part 1 of Part 2 Sat.      The Part 2 of Part 2 Sat…  8-24-2019

8-19-2019 Part 1 here      Part 2 here       Part 3 here..

8-11-2019 Part 1 here       Part 2 here      Part 3 here       Part 4 here

Conner The Bonner Interview HERE

Super Special Part 1 and 2 With Phantom + Rabbit Interview

Enter Into Conspiracies With Gabe & Phantom

A day in the life of being Godly With Phantom

Little Girl Talk Random Dirty pedo topics LOL w phan

Enter Into Our Life Together Phantom & Gabe July 2019

Enter Into the Darkness w Phantom WOAAA

Impersonations With Phantom Fun outside LOL 

Interview Of King Part 3

Interview Of King Part 2!!

First Interview Of King PART 1

Epic Rant With Phantom LONG holy motha of God…

(Need to upload Episode 17 and below found under EBlog on AG) However These are Most

Other Interviews and Things

Still work in progress CJ Interview, Bobby and Fatback Interview, etc. will be here…