The music which is copyrighted and under Fair Use of Parody, etc. is being used here, the music will not be available to download so it doesn’t effect the sales of the artist and usually credit is given to go buy the original. May be for limited time or may not be, but enjoy it. Some of my lyrics are explicit, most are, and reflect demons I have fought in my personal life and what not, so understand I am trying to be a better man like Fernando from GTA 5. lol.

A lot of album 10 and 12 are original beats I bought but I added some stuff to it, hope you enjoy it all. Free for Educational use. Use Shazam on parts that you want to find out of the song, however like I said a lot of songs are original and bought but have some educational fair use content attached to it, maybe one day I go through those and edit out those parts.

From Night Time In Club Paradise just two songs

From Album 8 called the Immortals

From Album 10 Saint Lucifer Experience

From Album 12 Venezuelan Gangster Reborn

From Album 13 1DayUCouldMimicHeaven

From album 14 Shady God

From the first 3 albums Roleplay with Shady God, The Fallen Angel God, and Speak of the Devil